January 30, 2016 · math prime parenthood boinc

Rory's Prime

One day I decided I want to discover a prime number of my very own.

After a bit of research, and 203.53 quadrillion floating-point operations later, I became the proud father of:

5687 · 21376451 + 1

a 414,357 digit-long titanic Proth Prime! As of 1/29/2016 06:20:31 CDT, this is the 2,261st largest prime ever discovered!

Raw decimal representation: rorys-prime-decimal.txt

This Proth Prime Search was done in collaboration with the Proth Search project. This search looks for primes in the form of k · 2n + 1, with the condition 2n > k. These are often called Proth primes.

Thanks to the PrimeGrid project and BOINC for making this pretty easy to get started!

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