About Me

Hi, my name is Rory! I’m a year-old Software Engineer currently working in the Pacific Northwest.



Looking for my resume? Look no further! [![.pdf download](/content/images/2016/02/pdf-icon.png) .pdf download](/files/resume.pdf) [![.docx download](/content/images/2016/02/word-icon.png) .docx download](/files/resume.docx)


My experience ranges from front-end web development to embedded bare-metal programming in both academic and personal projects. Professionally, I have worked on several large industry products - mainly focusing on software development and testing in high-level programming languages.

Work History

[Microsoft Corporation](https://www.microsoft.com/)\n* Software Engineer\n* Working on: [Dynamics CRM](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics/crm.aspx), CRM for Outlook, Server-side synchronization\n* July 2013 - Present\n\n[National Information Solutions Cooperative - NISC](http://www.nisc.coop/)\n* Programming Intern\n* Working on: [Meter Data Management System](http://www.nisc.coop/utility-solutions/operations/meter-data-management/), Accounting, Utility Solutions\n* May 2011 – December 2012\n\n[ACM SIG-Game](http://blog.megaminerai.com/about/)\n* Volunteer Developer\n* Working on: [webserver](https://github.com/siggame/webserver), [MegaMiner11](https://github.com/siggame/MegaMinerAI-11), client code generation\n* May 2012 – May 2013\n\n[Product Innovation and Engineering, L.L.C.](http://mopine.com/)\n* Undergraduate Research Assistant\n* Working on [MAPS](http://mopine.com/gpage1.html): Multi-Axis Planning System for Additive Manufacturing and Hybrid Manufacturing Systems\n* October 2010 – May 2011\n\nOther Projects\n\n[Hidden Konami.js](https://github.com/rorosaurus/hidden-konami-js)\n* Add a secret easter egg to your website when the [Konami code](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konami_Code) is entered!\n* This fork of konami.js allows for custom code patterns, hides the pattern being verified, and hides the secret easter egg itself!\n* A [live demo](https://rorosaurus.github.io/hidden-konami-js/) is available on Github Pages.\n * Includes a generator which automatically calculates hash values, making it easy to set up!\n* Perhaps you can find a demo on this domain as well! ;)\n\n[Crisp Ghost Theme](https://github.com/rorosaurus/crisp-ghost-theme)\n* Simple theme for Ghost, modified from [Kathy Qian](http://kathyqian.com/)'s [original version](https://github.com/kathyqian/crisp-ghost-theme)\n* Used on the website you’re currently viewing!\n\n[TF2 Bot](https://github.com/rorosaurus/tf2-bot)\n* Utility bot that assists users in-game by\n * scrapping weapons\n * smelting metal\n * trading items across multiple sessions\n\n##[Maze of Life Solver](https://github.com/rorosaurus/Maze-of-Life)\n* Assignment from University which solves [Maze of Life](http://clickmazes.com/life/ixlife.htm) problems.


I graduated from Missouri S&T in May of 2013 with two Bachelors of Science: Computer Science and Computer Engineering. I also received a Minor in Mathematics.


I’m fascinated by InfoSec and follow several conferences. I enjoy recruiting/interview work, mentoring, and volunteer work at science fairs. I am a Maker, Hackathon participant, and a huge fan of puzzles and coding challenges.