Furret Zero Unleashed
he hack! (..the planet!)

Furret Zero Unleashed

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I created a custom Flipper Zero firmware, forked from DarkFlippers/unleashed-firmware, which adds some custom animations and QoL fixes to the already endless potential granted by Unleashed! I’ll occasionally update this firmware to keep up with Unleashed releases.

What’s so exciting about this nerdy Tamagotchi?

When a thoughtful friend gifted me a Flipper, I was surprised and excited! Sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself! 😅 Thank you Austin!! 💜 This tool is something I’ve always wanted to build myself (with a lesser scope), so it’s been thrilling to dive in and learn all about these security technologies and how they work.

For example, when Alesha needed a friend to watch her cat, her apartment complex issued her a spare card key. Using my Flipper, I compared that key with her original to find that they issued a new identifier for this spare! Good security! Now if the spare is lost or copied, that identifier can be marked as untrusted without impacting Alesha’s main key. It’s a small detail but one that definitely builds confidence in where you live!

Demonstrating RFID emulation of previously read RFID!

I’m excited to keep learning and testing everything I can get my hands on! Transit cards, amiibos, IR codes, RFID fuzzing, you name it! On top of that, the BadUSB/RubberDucky and GPIO expansion boards create nearly endless potential for testing computers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth HID devices, and more!

Ready for any adventure - with screen protector, silicone case, and stealth USB-A to C cable!

“But like, why make this custom firmware?”

When I realized that the Flipper LCD was 128x64px (the same resolution I chose for my Furret Totem project) I knew what had to be done! It wasn’t very tricky to re-render my .gif files into dithered monochrome, separate the frames, and compile them for Flipper. Now others can enjoy these animations too!

link to Furret-Zero-Unleashed Github repository
Try the firmware to see the other animations!

What’s included

  • Removed the SD card icon and top bar from the desktop (more room for animations!)
  • Added 7 custom Furret animations to shuffle into the idle animation pool
  • Imported (and tweaked) custom Pokemon frames for iButton, Sub-GHz, RFID, NFC, and updates

Install here! Happy hacking! Let me know what you think!

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