Add USB-C charging to your Game Boy Advance SP
Goodbye proprietary charging cable!

Add USB-C charging to your Game Boy Advance SP

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The truly universal USB-C dream is finally realized for your Game Boy Advance SP!

(Also compatible with the original Nintendo DS!)

Charge your Game Boy Advance SP with USB-C, using any USB-C cable and charger! If it fits, it’ll charge! Finally you can stop carrying around that extra proprietary cable!

My design is based off this existing PCB that only works with USB-A -> USB-C cables. In my opinion, if you’re gonna future-proof your Game Boy, you shouldn’t remain reliant on Type-A!

My PCB works with USB-C <-> USB-C cables as well, so you can use ANY USB-C cable/charger to charge it! I’ve also verified it works with USB-A -> USB-C cables, Quick Charge, and USB-PD! That means if your charger or USB battery pack offers 5V/9V/12V/etc., it will recognize the Game Boy can only accept 5V and charge accordingly.

link to github repository with source design files
Final result!

This product was featured on the Tindie Blog!

Source Code and Design Files on Github!


To reduce confusion and simplify filling orders, I’ve consolidated the options into just one offering which satisfies 70% of orders. I go into a bit more detail here.

I will assemble the components for you before shipping. You only have to desolder the existing charging port, then solder 3 points to attach to your Game Boy!

I will include a small 3D printed part to fill in the gap in the case created by the smaller USB-C port. It will friction-fit snugly, or you can use glue/epoxy to keep it in place. Some post-processing (sanding) might be necessary for the cleanest look.


This design works for the AGS-001 and AGS-101.

This design is compatible with 3.5mm headphone jack mods! That means my PCB will not block the other pins you need from the default charging port pads on the Game Boy’s motherboard.

It also works on the original (fat) Nintendo DS, NTR-001. Now your Phat GBA Macro can use USB-C as well!

Charge Speed

This console’s original charger (AGS-002) outputs up to 320mA at 5.2V. According to the USB-C spec, this mod will allow charging at up to 500mA at 5V. This mod will not result in any charging slowdown compared to the original charger.


Modify your console at your own risk! This product is provided “as is”, with no warranty - express or implied. That said, if you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Instructions for assembly/installation can be found in

PCB installed in motherboard

3D Printed Spacer

The 3D print-able file to fill in the case gap is on Thingiverse.

Where to Buy


If you have improvements, please modify these design files and share any improvements openly/freely with the community (via a pull request or another public repository)!

You are not permitted to profit off of this design or use it in any commercial venture.

Full license information.


Thank you to makho and BlindEye/Hidarite for the original PCB inspiration, installation video, and STL file!

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