Mesh-network LED Goggle Squad
Sync arbitrary LED strips together!

Mesh-network LED Goggle Squad

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Let’s make a synchronized LED Goggle Squad using the ESP8266!

This project contains code and instructions to build a squad of rechargable LED goggles that automatically synchronize their animations with each other! You can change the code parameters slightly to work with different LED strip types or lengths!

Demonstrating syncing two separate devices!

Right now, we have about 30 unqiue members of the squad. Most people have created goggles, but some have created backpacks, bike lights, a tall flagpole, massage table underglow, and more! They all sync together using the same ESP8266 board to create a mesh network (over wifi) and sync their animations!

Make your own!

Follow my assembly instructions to make your own Goggles/Backpack/Bike-pole/etc. and join our squad!

How to use yours

I added a wink button to greet new people!

Check out this page for tips for using your Goggles! It’ll help explain what the buttons do.

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